Pallav Sharma
I am a seasoned professional, a visionary leader, an exceptional engineer, and a dedicated mentor, boasting over 9 years of experience in crafting robust and resilient systems and platforms. Throughout my career, I have successfully operated within various domains, including Education, Forums, and Payments, gaining valuable expertise and knowledge along the way.



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Pallav Sharma is a dynamic leader, a highly skilled engineer, and a dedicated mentor with a proven track record of over 9 years in designing and implementing highly available systems and platforms. His expertise spans various domains, including Education, Forums, and Payments, making him a versatile professional who can thrive in diverse environments.

With a strong background in engineering and a passion for innovative solutions, Pallav has contributed significantly to the success of renowned organizations. During his tenure at Byju's, he held multiple roles, starting as a Senior Software Engineer and progressing to become a Tech Lead and Engineering Manager. He led teams of over 20 members, successfully managing end-to-end project delivery, ensuring optimal sprint planning, and implementing agile scrum methodologies. Pallav's exceptional leadership skills enabled him to recruit, retain, and mentor top talent, fostering professional growth and achieving remarkable team expansion.

Pallav's career journey includes remarkable achievements in various companies, such as WhiteHatJr., where he developed the complete backend for the Arts Vertical, Music, and English verticals. At Hash Education Pvt. Ltd., he created the backend for Bloomclass and other sub-products. As a Web Consultant, he demonstrated his expertise by managing complete application development for clients.

Throughout his career, Pallav has honed a comprehensive skill set that includes active learning, agile methodologies, architectural design, backend development, leadership, mentoring, performance optimization, problem-solving, technical architecture, and much more. His ability to adapt, collaborate, and communicate effectively has been instrumental in his success.

Pallav Sharma completed his Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from the prestigious Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur.

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